What is Meld Gold (MELD)?

Meld is a digital platform and services initiative changing the way gold is bought and sold. Meld integrates into the existing gold supply chain and delivers far greater market efficiency, through seamless trading and quicker settlement, significantly reducing the slow manual processes that currently exist.  

Gold within the supply chain will be represented as Digital Gold Certificates, where investors and consumers can own physical gold in digital form. One Meld Gold Digital Certificate equals one gram of gold.

What does digital gold mean?

Digital Gold is like having a balance of dollars in your bank account. $1 on your bank statement legally entitles you to a one dollar coin. Similarly, in your Meld Digital Wallet, One Digital Gold Certificate legally entitles you to one gram of gold. Our partner network (in the form of individual vaults) store your physical gold for you and you can liquidate or transfer your Digital Gold at any time using the Meld user software. 

How does Meld Gold differ from other gold certificates?

Other gold certificates are centric to the companies who own and operate them, and are managed to specifically benefit their shareholders. Meld is an industry wide solution, allowing complete access to all gold supply chain stakeholders and investors. Meld is an industry innovator, facilitating real time, anytime gold transactions. Gold is, and always has been a popular investment. Our goal is to eliminate industry risk and inefficiencies and allow gold to return as the robust currency it once was. 

How can I become a part of the Meld Gold Partner Network?

If you are an established and successful entity in the gold supply chain, Meld’s software and services solution can help you create efficiencies to your current work protocols. If you want to help Meld stabilise the gold market, increase your liquidity, lower your costs and increase your client share we’d be delighted to meet with you. 

How will Meld verify gold reserves amongst all members and partners?

As an industry Digital Gold Certificate, gold will be held across the supply chain;  independent vaults will still hold gold, as will refineries as they receive gold. At each of these points in the supply chain, gold certificates can be minted and recorded. No single entity will hold all of the gold which means there is no central point of failure. 

Inventory holdings are tracked in real time through Meld’s DGS algorithm. Meld Authorised Holding Partners conduct and report physical audits as regularly as twice daily through Meld’s custom audit process. Meld completes additional independent audits, conducted at regular intervals to verify gold reserves. Strong financial and legal penalties imposed for infringements and a thorough and rigorous vetting is applied to partners who become Meld Authorised Holding Partners. 

How will meld mitigate against oversupply of gold vs what it is backed by?

DGS algorithms and independent audits allow Meld to ensure that every digital certificate is backed by 1 gram of 999.9 pure gold. All minting and burning of digital certificates will occur immediately as gold enters/leaves the system to ensure a balanced supply is maintained. 

Why did Meld Gold partner with Algorand?

Meld’s philosophy has been ‘best in industry’ since its inception. Meld required a technology that allowed for enterprise-scale to be built without sacrificing performance or security. Algorand was the clear stand out. Given the dynamics of Meld (a Digital Gold Certificate), additional Algorand features and functionality marry directly to Meld’s core proposition. These include estate protocol capabilities, flexibility in fee structures, high liquidity management, the delivery of dividends and the provision of targeted incentives to our partner network.

How will digital tokens be minted and burnt?

Digital Gold Certificates will be minted and burnt as gold is bought and sold in the Meld platform and services program. Meld’s DGS inventory management algorithm will manage this system to ensure the correct balance is kept with holdings rebalanced at regular intervals. All minting and burning will be dictated by market demand and supply from a combination of the traditional gold market and the digital market all connected through Meld. There are no transaction or storage fees. 

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