Meld Industry Digital Gold Certificates are minted and burnt as physical gold is acquired. Each Meld Digital Gold Certificate is backed by one metric gram of physical gold, stored in independent vaults.  When purchasing gold through Meld you secure a trusted industry high liquidity Digital Gold Certificate; a traceable, fungible, transactable, transferable and redeemable gold asset. 

Our custom-built Inventory Management Algorithm (DGS) ensures pinpoint accuracy and security for our investors’ assets, with holdings rebalanced and audited at regular intervals.


Meld Industry Gold Digital Certificates have built in liquidity. Each Digital Gold Certificate is guaranteed against one gram of physical gold. Our Digital Gold Certificates are fully transferable and redeemable for physical gold or AUD at multiple dealers or through our secured delivery service..

Reduced Volatility

The Meld online platform allows investors to trade instantly, any time of the day or night. Meld’s software provides appreciable, end to end, real time, anytime gold trading. We are eliminating the volatility traditionally associated with the long trade times in the industry.


The gold industry is highly regulated and, quite rightly, comes under similar scrutiny to banks. Physical gold in Meld is independently audited, with strong financial and legal penalties imposed for infringement. We are highly experienced experts in the gold industry; Partners are subjected to thorough and rigorous scrutiny before onboarding into the Meld Partnership Program. 

Your Meld Digital Gold Certificate (equal to one gram of physical gold) is stored in a Digital Wallet, protected by multiple levels of encryptions by Algorand’s open source; proof of stake protocol to deliver stable, sellable and redeemable gold



Meld is a technological and service rich solution, integrating the practices of a traditional industry with the modern needs of trading. We partner with industry to support them to understand and adopt this powerful program. Industry can increase inventory, increase their product range and most powerfully reduce their exposure to market fluctuations. Meld is helping industry to create stable, long term revenue streams for themselves and their clients.


Your Meld Digital Gold Certificate (one Digital Gold Certificate equal to one gram of physical gold) is supported by the Algorand Wallet; a mobile wallet that is user friendly and maintains the highly secure Ledger Nano X Bluetooth integration. You can check your wallet at any time to monitor the performance of your Gold. Your Meld Gold Digital Certificates are visible in your wallet, traceable, transferable and redeemable.


Meld’s intelligent Inventory Management Algorithm constantly balances your Digital Gold Certificates and physical gold inventory, ensuring they remain balanced.